Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sophomores Information for the Semester

Essential Question 
What is the Nature of Humanity? 
The Lottery 

The Road Less Taken by Robert Frost 

The Journey by Mary Oliver 

Lord of the Flies 

Image result for lord of the flies book cover

Night by Elie Wiesel Image result for night by elie wiesel pdf
Chapter 1

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Juniors - Crucible and Scarlet Letter Links and Videos

Juniors: I will continue to update as we move forward in the semester.  This will get you started.
Crucible PDF
Crucible Audio Book

Crucible Play 
Link for Reading Notebook Requirements
Reading Notebook Requirement
Arthur Miller

The Scarlet Letter AudioBook

Reading Log Link
Reading Log

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Blogger Check in For Students and Parents

Students will earn 10 extra credit points when they and their parents click reply to this message.  After clicking, type the words "I have found your blog."  Ready, Set, Go!!!

Welcome Note

Dear Students and Parents,
Welcome to Ms. Furr's Classroom!  It is going to be a busy year.  Make sure you use your Google Classroom and Blogger to access your assignments along with the due dates.  Then, sync your calendar with Google Calendar.  As well as, I will be posting links to forms, videos, and other resources you will need to access this year.  I am excited about all that we will accomplish this year.
Ms. Furr

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Romeo and Juliet - Freshmen


Freshmen will be reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in class.  Homework will be either the questions or articles pertaining to the Play.
Prezi about the English Renaissance
English Renaissance
In case the students leave their books at school, they can read the No Fear Shakespeare Online to help them answer the questions.  Their modern language is a little different from the modern language of the book, but it will help them.
Romeo and Juliet
No Fear Shakespeare

We will be watching the older version and the newer version movies of the play as we read.
I do not have a link for these, but you can probably find them on NetFlix. These are the trailers. Be aware that the older version does have a scene that I will not show because I feel it is inappropriate for school.  I will fast forward through that scene.  Newest is PG13 and the older is probably PG13 but was released in 1968.
New Version of Romeo and Juliet
Older Version of Romeo and Juliet
Links to the articles
Article 1
Article 2
4-2-1 Article Analysis
Please do not hesitate if you have any concerns or questions.
Here is the link to the Study Guide Questions that I will be using ith the students
Romeo and Juliet Study Guide Questions  courtesy of

Romeo and Juliet Final Exam


Finish 5 paragraph essay on the effects of media

No Homework until the Common Core Assessment is completed on April 21